Styles of Loft Conversion

What are the Types of Loft Conversions?

There are four main types of Loft Conversions. Dormer, Room in Loft and Mansard Loft Conversions.

Room in Loft Conversion

Room in Loft Conversions are typically the cheapest type of Loft Conversion where they essentially reinforce the floor of the loft to be able to withstand the weight of holding extra people and furniture, add insulation, a few skylights and stairs to the loft. These typically cost in the region of £15,000 and are generally done to add an extra bedroom to a home which could easily increase the price of the property by anywhere from 10 – 15%.

Dormer Loft Conversion

This type of Loft Conversion is typically exactly the same as a Room in Loft Conversion however Dormer windows are added which increase the usable headspace and also add head height to the loft which gives more possibilities in the loft. This typically begins from £20,000 however it typically costs £35,000 – £45,000 for the project which generally adds an extra bedroom and en suite bathroom.

Hip to Gable Conversions

These conversions are very similar to Dormer Loft Conversions however they extend the sloping side of the roof to create additional head space and provide more square feet of usable living space. It is not often required to get planning permission to proceed with these types of conversions. The price for this is essentially the same as a dormer loft conversion at £35 – £45k

Mansard Loft Conversions

These are by far the most expensive, and easiest to go wrong loft conversions projects as they are the biggest. The reason for the high cost is because builders have to literally extend the slope of the roof to create additional space, these projects almost always require planning permission, I think in this circumstance unless your home in based in a fairly expensive part of London it’s probably not worth doing as it can go as high as £55,000 for one conversion.