Planning Permission

The Dreaded Planning Permission and Do you need it?

I’m sure we’ve all heard horror stories of people who have done renovations and work to their home only to be told by the council a few months down the line that they need to restore their home to the way it previously was as they did not first seek planning permission to carry out said works.

Now with Loft Conversions a planning permission is not generally required unless:

The space after the loft conversion has been done is over 50m3 or 40m3 for a terraced home – please click the link for the definition of a terraced home.

The dormer is higher than the roof. This is generally the case with mansard loft conversions.

You want to include side windows that are less than 1.7m above the floor or non-obscured glazed.

Your home is listed or you live in a conservation area.

It’s always worth checking with your local authority to ensure that you can carry out the planned works to you home, however whether you need planning permission or not it will require building regulations approval.