Loft Conversion Cost

How much does a Loft Conversion Cost?

Now it’s already been established that a loft conversion can add significant value to your home. Several studies have shown that it is by far the single biggest contributor of an increase in home prices as it often adds an extra one or two bedrooms which will significantly increase the price of your home.

The price of a loft conversion ultimately depends on the type of the loft conversion you get, the build quality, the company you use, and what parts you would like to do yourself to save on the cost.

For example many people opt to do all the preparatory work and the post decorating work such as painting the walls etc themselves as it saves a healthy amount from the loft conversion cost.

A typical lost conversion will typically cost between £15,000 to £35,000 depending on the type of loft conversion you opt for which leads us to the question.